About Us

How we became “America’s Working Force”

Since our beginning, US Trades has maintained a steadfast commitment to being more than a “one size fits all” staffing company.

We hire only the most qualified candidates for a highly specialized group of skilled electrical and mechanical trades. In that way we have developed a specialized work force of skilled craftsmen who are qualified, reliable and dedicated to safety.

Likewise, we work with a selective group of contractors who share our commitment to an efficient and safe workplace. They know US Trades stands for a work force that’s skilled, safety-conscious and ready to go to work. Best of all, since our craftsmen work for us, contractors avoid the expense and hassle of employment and benefits.

Both our contractors and our craftsmen benefit from our experienced and diverse management team.

Our Mission

US Trades is dedicated to creating and developing an elite labor force providing our customers skilled, honest, and ethical craftsmen committed to helping them complete their electrical-mechanical projects in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.