With US Trades on the job, you’re ready for anything.

Now, you can have the ready, qualified work force you need to meet the demands of the workplace—without the expense and administrative hassles of hiring and paying fulltime payroll and benefits.

With US Trades you get fulltime access to a select, prescreened force of specialized craftsmen including:

  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Millwrights

All of our craftsmen are chosen for their experience, skills and work reliability. We put a premium on safety in the workplace, so all our employees are encouraged to attend safety training and complete OSHA certification.

Best of all, we take care of all the details of hiring, screening, payroll, and benefits for you. They work for you, but they’re on our payroll. Just think of the flexibility that gives you. With US Trades as your workforce partner, you can meet short-deadline demands, seasonal work flow, or the problem of manning multiple work sites.

Put US Trades on the job today.

Please contact us at our Indianapolis or Phoenix Offices listed below.

Indianapolis Office

10735 Sky Prairie Street, Suite 100,
Fishers, Indiana 46038
Phone: (317) 915-0711
Fax: (317) 915-0767

Phoenix Office

7100 E Cave Creek Rd Suite 118 Cave
Creek, AZ 85331
Phone: (480) 471-6696
Fax: (480) 553-7269